Ankit Khatry, Co-Founder, Emflux Motors

Ankit Khatry, Co-Founder, Emflux Motors

“We believe if we can bring quality products to the market, entire EV ecosystem will see significant growth,” said Ankit Khatry, Co-Founder, Emflux Motors, in an engaging conversation with Abhijeet Bhowmik. Excerpts…


Q) Please tell us about Emflux Motors, its vision, journey and products. 

A) It was our co-founder Varun’s dream was to make superbikes and supercars when he was still a student at IIT-Delhi, but he did not have the experience, money and other resources to make it happen. He joined BHEL after graduating from IIT Delhi and then moved to Europe for pursuing Masters in Management. After working for several years in  Europe and Africa, he returned to India and joined Jugnoo.

Team Emflux

During this time, Varun met with an accident which halted his journey for several months. This accident gave him  enough courage to follow his dreams of building electric vehicles. Right after his recovery from the accident, Varun started Emflux Motors with Ankit (Varun’s Teammate at Jugnoo) and Vinay (Former Designer at TVS Motors) who  shared a similar vision. They decided to join him in his journey to make electric vehicles. Meanwhile, investors  Like Meher, Nikhil, and a few others gave him the confidence and strength to follow his dream and ideas by trusting  and funding Emflux Motors.

We are working on a top-down approach, where our mission is to make 10 million electric two wheelers in India by 2027 with our two – pronged market focus – build brand and loyalty by producing high – performance electric motorcycle and create an ecosystem of partner OEMs and become their technology and component supplier.

Q) Tell us more about the product you are developing and how soon we can see it on Indian roads.

Electric Superbike “EMFLUX ONE”

A) We are developing an Electric Superbike “EMFLUX ONE”. It has a sensible range of 200 km in city driving conditions.It can accelerate 0-100 kmph in 3.0 seconds and can reach a top speed of 200 kmph (Electronically Limited). Our motor can produce 71hp power and produce 84 N-m (electronically limited to 75 N-m) torque. We are also developing a fast charging solution “WARP Charger” that will charge the bike 0-80% in 36 minutes.

We will be unveiling the product in Delhi Auto Expo – 2018 and this will be available for the public beginning April 2019.

Q) What were the challenges you faced…

A) As you know, the EV industry in India is in a very nascent stage. When we started, our first challenge was to find like-minded and experienced people. Next challenge was to get the designed parts manufactured from suppliers. Good suppliers were already loaded with huge orders and our order, prototyping of 2-3 units was too small. No one was actually willing to entertain these small orders.

Q) How do you plan to stay ahead in the competition as there are many established players working on EVs? 

A) Our segment is quite different than other EV players in Industry – both established and start-ups. We are aiming to provide high performance vehicles and our plan in future is to remain in this segment only.
We have developed a complete drive train technology in-house and this gives us a competitive advantage over others in the form of intellectual property, better agility and scope of customization, as well as better efficiency. Since we developed all the parts ourselves, we have optimal coordination between different components.

Q) How you see the Indian Auto industry taking up the transformation into Electric Vehicles?

A) Most of the established players are now working on their EV offering. Everyone understands, EVs are the future and it is great business opportunity. Government is also playing an important role in shifting focus to EV. FAME India scheme and expediting BASAL VI norms are such examples.

Q) How soon do you think EVs will become mainstream mobility in India and around the world?

A) It may take a while in India, but in countries like Norway, EVs are already in demand. With the increasing pollution in India, people have started considering other alternatives. Lately, we have been receiving good response for our product. We believe if we can bring quality products to the market, entire EV ecosystem will see significant growth. Nowadays, people are more aware and open to other alternatives.

Q) How you rate Indian government’s initiatives like FAME India Scheme towards promoting EVs in India?

A) Initiatives like FAME India can encourage EV players to come up with new products. In India, we are experiencing a transition for business which is making system more transparent and responsive. We are registered in Startup-India,where we have utilized benefits provided by GOI. Also, we have received a small grant from PRAYAS for developing the technology for charger circuit.

Q) Where do you see Emflux Motors in next five years? 

A) We aim to see ourselves as the Technology leader in the EV Space in the coming year.

Q) What are your future plans?

A) We have plans to introduce model 2, which will have similar specifications as model 1 but will be a naked sports motorcycle. It will have two variants with different range.


By Abhijeet Bhowmik




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