Less hassle, more room: Magna releases newest seating innovations with “EZ Entry” options

Less hassle, more room: Magna releases newest seating innovations with “EZ Entry” options

Magna International Inc. continues to transform automotive seating with its latest innovations: the Pitch Slide and Tip Slide 2nd Row EZ Entry vehicle seats. Both smart solutions are designed to address the seating needs of today’s SUV owner with easier accessibility and greater space flexibility.

The Pitch Slide seat is specifically engineered for the 2nd row passenger side of the vehicle, while Tip Slide is made for the 2nd row driver’s side. The seats have been introduced on 2017 model-year vehicles, with Pitch Slide recently making its market debut with GMC.

Using Magna’s innovative mechanisms, i-DiSC 4™ recliners and META™ tracks, the seats release and move forward to maximize the opening for passengers to enter and exit the vehicle’s 3rd row of seats. The Pitch Slide seat features an increased range of motion to create a wider opening, and also functions without having to remove an installed child or infant seat – key attributes to locate on the passenger- or curb-side of the vehicle based on typical consumer use.

“Over time, consumer needs have evolved. People’s lives are busier than ever, and their vehicle seating needs often change throughout their day, from carrying cargo to shuttling passengers,” said Dino Nardicchio, Global Vice President, Research and Development, Magna Seating. “Magna has developed these flexible seating options to go beyond ‘one size fits all’ with more functionality and easier adaptability to address lifestyle needs and give more customized control to individuals.”

The consumer pain points addressed by these seating solutions have been validated by Magna through a global ethnography study to discover consumer insights and problems related to the seats in our cars and trucks. The study identified a number of factors that influence consumer wants and needs, including how people use their vehicles and various forces of change in their lives and in the marketplace. Magna is using the study to guide current and future seating innovations.

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