Omron Electronic Components aims to strengthen presence in SME segment

Omron Electronic Components aims to strengthen presence in SME segment

Omron Electronic Components, one of the business units of Omron Automation, held a technology show to showcase its end-to-end solution capabilities, equipped with advanced sensing and control technology, recently at Gurgaon, NCR. The initiative was aimed at updating its business partners and end-customers on the company’s innovation-led offerings while also reaching out to prospective and long-tail customers.

The event saw the presence of more than 100 participants from all over the country representing myriad sectors in the small and medium industry segment such as automotive, industrial, telecom, lighting, home appliances, medical equipment, etc.

Commenting on the initiative, Vinod Raphael, Country Business Head -India, Omron Electronic Components, said, “ Omron is making continuous efforts to position itself as a ‘total solution provider’ providing  value-based customised solutions. These kinds of platforms help us to capture the desired ‘mind –share’ amongst the target audience leading to stronger ‘business –share’ in the long run. We are striving to expand our penetration amongst SMEs – which have surfaced as one of potential segments driving the industrial and inclusive growth in the country.”

Some of the key solutions on display were the entire portfolio of Omron Relays, Switches, Connectors, Sensors; Sensors for Security and Automation and high power industrial relays.The demonstration of Omron’s Human Vision Component –capable of recognising face, age and controlling gestures – aroused great interest amongst the attendees who were amused to experience Omron’s sensing & control technology based forte in creating harmony between humans and machines.

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