Scania and Haylion Technologies Partner in Developing Autonomous and Electrified Vehicles

Scania and Haylion Technologies Partner in Developing Autonomous and Electrified Vehicles

Scania will collaborate with Haylion Technologies, which focuses on solutions for the Chinese transport industry in
the areas of autonomous driving, electrification and connectivity.

“For Scania, this partnership provides unique opportunities to contribute to as well as to learn from the rapid
technology development now taking place in China in these strategic areas. We look forward to combining our
knowledge and global perspective with the expertise and ambitions of Haylion Technologies,“ says Mats Harborn,
Executive Director of Scania China Strategic Office.

Scania and Haylion Technologies will join forces in the field of non-fossil fuel powered, mainly electrified,
vehicles, autonomous driving and urban bus transport. The common aim is to expedite the commercialisation of
autonomous driving applications and sustainable transport.

“Gaining excellence in skills through collaboration has always been our principle. We recognise Scania’s leading
position in the world’s commercial vehicle industry. I believe that our cooperation will further promote and
accelerate China’s development of intelligent vehicles and the Internet of Vehicle (IoV),” says Dr Jimmy Hu
Jianping, founder and Chairman of Haylion Technologies.

Haylion Technologies has together with Gortune Investment Co. Ltd established a team of specialists in artificial
intelligence, automotive manufacturing, communications and public transport. This team focuses on autonomous
driving technology, concept verification and its industrialisation. Haylion Techonologies’ main focus is developing
comprehensive solutions for public transport by electrified, autonomous and connected buses.

Since the end of 2017, Haylion Technologies conducts trials with intelligent buses on public roads together with
the Shenzhen Bus Group named ‘AlphaBa’, which is seen as industry breakthrough.

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