ZF Aftermarket Accelerates Into The Fast Lane at Automechanika

ZF Aftermarket Accelerates Into The Fast Lane at Automechanika
  • ZF Aftermarket presents new brand strategy at Automechanika
  • Innovative products and service concepts generate growth
  • Customer focus and systems expertise

ZF Aftermarket as the second largest aftermarket organization in the world has extended its global reach even further to deliver not only the product, but the complete solution. Strengthened by the technology leadership of ZF Group and the integration of TRW Aftermarket organization, the organization is able to offer an even wider product offering and exceptional service for not only the aftermarket of today but that of the future. At this year’s Automechanika, ZF Aftermarket presents its new premium brand strategy: Sachs, Lemförder, TRW, Boge, and openmatics represent OE-quality as well as technical innovation. This broad and steadily growing product portfolio of new products such as torque converters and the electric park brake, as well as an extended global service footprint positions ZF Aftermarket as a leading partner in the competitive automotive aftermarket.

Automechanika 2016 sets a milestone for ZF Aftermarket, with over 1,400 square meters of innovative display and its expanded aftermarket product portfolio of driveline, chassis, safety, and steering technology under the Sachs, Lemförder, TRW, Boge, and Openmatics product brands. ZF Aftermarket will also present its system competence including service solutions for its business partners. Helmut Ernst, Head of ZF Aftermarket, states: “Thanks to the strong technology leadership of ZF Group and the combination of all relevant technologies for megatrends, incorporating safety, efficiency and automated driving, we are well prepared for the automotive future.”

ccc3The unique mission of ZF Group “See – Think – Act” describes the interaction of recognizing the situation, to derive the right solution, and to act accordingly. With early anticipation of the trends of the future aftermarket, a broad and expanding product portfolio and a comprehensive service footprint, the aftermarket organization continues ZF’s objective of becoming the leader in providing world class solutions for its customers. At Automechanika, ZF presents the Advanced Urban Vehicle, a concept car which meets the future demands of individual urban mobility: It surveys the streets for spaces before initiating its intelligent Parking-Assist technology that even enables a motorist to park the vehicle from the sidewalk via a Smart Phone App.

Another example of how ZF Aftermarket delivers innovation that will shape the future of mobility is Openmatics, ZF own telematics platform. A current innovation under the Openmatics brand is deTAGtive technology where Tag finders enable fleet managers to remotely monitor several important factors of their sensitive cargo in transit, including temperature and movement data helping to optimize the supply chain in terms of transit duration and fuel consumption.

Attractive. Innovative. Premium.

“Our brands represent a commitment to generations of innovation and OE quality. We are working hard to make sure that this continues, in order to offer our customers market-leading ranges that can be used to capture market share and secure market growth”, explains Neil Fryer, Chief Commercial Officer of ZF Aftermarket. With ZF’s expanding brand portfolio of Sachs, Lemförder, TRW, Boge, and Openmatics, ZF represents its commitment to OE quality and will continue to develop and support its premium products while retaining their individuality. ZF is able to cover roughly 35 percent of the daily demand of a workshop from a single source with its product portfolio covering transmissions and transmission parts, axles, steering systems and differentials, chassis and steering components, shock absorbers, driveline components and rubber-to-metal components. In addition to this existing portfolio, TRW products are now included, which covers the full corner module of the vehicle, braking, steering and suspension.

Fryer adds: “At Automechanika we display a broad variety of our product portfolio. New products such as torque converters or oil filters are featured but also well-known highlights such as steering components, the 8HP transmission or the dual-mass flywheel.” Next to the aftermarket portfolio, ZF Aftermarket showcases special motorsports products such as coilover suspension sets or performance clutches.

Open. Connected. Responsible.

As leader in automotive technology, ZF is also committed to developing tomorrow’s mobility solutions. As the vehicle fast becomes an “IP-address on wheels”, it will soon be capable of identifying service intervals and self-initiating services and repair using data available in the vehicle. In the interests of fair market competition, ZF Aftermarket supports industry initiatives, which ensure motorists retain control over both the disclosure of their data, and over their selection of workshop as service provider for carrying out the service or repair. Additionally ZF Aftermarket will continue to participate in different industry organizations and to drive all relevant issues that move the markets. ZF was one of the initiators of organizations including VREI and TecCom, which shows the early anticipation of future market developments and sets to profit in the long term from the attractive growth opportunities the automotive Aftermarket has to offer with connectivity and collaboration.

Efficient. Flexible. Cooperative.

The combined ZF Aftermarket creates a strong presence: The organization generates a turnover of almost 3 billion €, employing an 8,000-strong global team in over 120 locations, with 650 service partners worldwide. ZF’s expanding global footprint represents its dedication to quality, innovation and commitment to generating a strong sales network. Its dedicated sales force is committed to reaching out and sustaining long-term relationships with customers through delivering the solutions they need. ZF will continue to nurture its customer relationships by adapting to market changes very early through technology and service.

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