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We started with a dream to become the one-stop platform covering the affluent manufacturing industry. A small start-up with engineers, journalists, marketers, we are a right mix of people who understand your requirements. In today’s fast paced world everyone wants to be updated without any hassle while on the go.

ANTech is a new age media group that believes in providing news in the quickest way possible. When we say quickest, we mean it, we will update you 24/7 even after midnight. Yes we don’t have have life! But who cares, we love what we do!

amolAmol Padhye
Amol Padhye, Co-founder and Marketing/ Sales Head is responsible for Business Development and Customer Relations at Antech Media. With over 15 years of experience in ad selling and marketing, Amol is looked up to by many, not only in the machine tool industry but also sectors like general engineering, plastics, pharma and chemicals, among others. He has the gift of the gab and known as our ‘Rocket Singh’.