Air Springs from ContiTech Deliver High Performance Even at Extreme Temperatures

Air Springs from ContiTech Deliver High Performance Even at Extreme Temperatures
  • Increasing demand for air springs that can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Sleeve air springs for cab suspension now also suitable for use between -40°C and +100°C
  • Hi-temp air springs for vehicle axles with increased service life

continental-2autoupdate ContiTech has further expanded its range of temperature-resistant air springs. Sleeve air springs for cab suspension are now also suitable for extreme temperatures between -40°C and +100°C. As a result, they meet the increasing requirements for components placed under extremely hot application conditions in particular. “We expect that this new temperature-resistant design will become the standard for the commercial vehicle industry in the future. Therefore, all future ContiTech sleeve air springs for cab suspension will be produced using the new compound suitable for extreme temperatures. This compound not only guarantees significant improvements in high-temperature applications, it also extends the reliable range at minus temperatures,” says Holger Brüning, head of the driver’s seat and cab suspension segment at ContiTech Air Spring Systems.

ContiTech has been focusing on the high temperature resistance of its air springs for many years now. As a result, the sleeve air springs for the driver’s cab are already suitable for temperatures between -35°C and +80°C or -40°C and +70°C. However, over the last few years the requirements have intensified significantly. One reason for this is the new emission standards, which are resulting in significantly increased temperatures in the engine compartment. At the same time, the installation spaces in many vehicles are getting ever smaller, meaning that air springs are placed even closer to other vehicle components and are therefore more exposed to the rising temperatures.

Long-lasting even at high temperatures

The use of axle air springs under extreme temperatures is also posing major challenges for developers and manufacturers. In extremely hot regions, temperature, ozone, and UV radiation accelerate the wear process of vehicle components.

The narrow installation space in vehicles can also intensify this process. To meet the high requirements under extreme climatic conditions, ContiTech has developed the “hi-temp” air springs for vehicle axles. The “Hi-Temp Level 1” series, which is already in production, is based on a chloroprene rubber (CR) compound that has been further optimized to counter the effects of heat and aging and presents the ideal solution for use in the face of aggressive temperature influences. “Our tests in the climatic chamber have shown that the air spring offers twice the service life of a standard solution at a temperature of 80°C,” explains Eckard Neitzel, head of product development at ContiTech Air Spring Systems. We have also already been able to confirm these results in practice.

Under the project title “Hi-Temp Level 2”, ContiTech is working on increasing the maximum operating temperature of axle air springs subjected to high mechanical loads to 100°C or more. To achieve this, new elastomer materials are being used and impressive results have already been obtained on the test bench. The series launch is planned for the middle of next year.

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