DENSO to Relocate R&D Group Company Nippon Soken Inc

DENSO to Relocate R&D Group Company Nippon Soken Inc

In an effort to improve its research and development (R&D) organization, DENSO Corp. will relocate Nippon Soken (SOKEN), a DENSO group company that conducts automotive product R&D. SOKEN, which is currently located in Nishio City in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, will be relocated to a new facility adjacent to DENSO Research Laboratories in Nisshin City in Aichi Prefecture. DENSO invested approximately 6 billion yen (approximately US$50 million) for the purchase of the land and facilities, and also plans to increase the number of personnel to help strengthen its R&D organization.

For the relocation, DENSO purchased the building and land from NEC Corporation, which is adjacent from DENSO Research Laboratories. In addition to using these existing buildings, DENSO will construct facilities for prototype production and testing, and powertrain testing after preparations of construction.

The relocation of SOKEN, with its sophisticated measuring and analysis technologies to neighboring DENSO Research Laboratories, will enable the two organizations to work more closely, and improve their R&D on advanced technologies and products necessary to increase the safety, environmental performance, and comfort of motor vehicles. This aligns with DENSO’s goal to help build a society where vehicles no longer cause environmental damage or road traffic accidents.

Background on DENSO R&D Companies
SOKEN was established in November 1970 to conduct R&D to meet the needs of society for cleaner exhaust emissions and greater vehicle safety. Since SOKEN was established as a joint venture between DENSO and Toyota Motor Corporation in 1985, the company has focused its R&D mainly in five areas: powertrains, fuel cell, power electronics, information and safety, and thermal systems. Furthermore, SOKEN performs a variety of operations in-house, ranging from machining to tests and experiments, as part of its key technologies which support its advanced R&D efforts.

At its Research Laboratories, DENSO conducts R&D on next-generation semiconductor devices, advanced functional materials, and other high-tech fields.