Enhancing Truck Driver Productivity & Efficiency in the Field

Enhancing Truck Driver Productivity & Efficiency in the Field

Most people would probably agree that there is no shortage of trucks on the highway – they seem ubiquitous no matter where we drive.  In fact, the United States has a shortage of truck drivers – a critical link in the supply chain – which poses significant challenges to the delivery and logistics industry.

By the end of 2015, the shortage of truck drivers in the US grew to nearly 50,000, with up to half due to driver retirements. It is an industry-wide issue made even more challenging by the fact that the median age of drivers has now risen to 49. Driver retention is also contributing to the crisis behind the wheel. Turnover in the industry is very high: the US alone has more than 40,000 job openings for drivers that are still unfulfilled.

And when carriers do hire new drivers, they are also faced with the need to quickly and efficiently train them, standardize their workflows to make them more efficient and ensure their safety – an issue particularly acute with drivers in the less-than-truckload industry.

On top of these challenges, the regional trucking business is extremely competitive. Companies are always seeking new ways to be more efficient and productive, while still maintaining the highest possible customer satisfaction rates. To help address these challenges, one less-than-truckload carrier, Holland, turned to Honeywell to implement its new Pickup and Delivery Solution to make a leap in customer care and driver satisfaction.

Holland implemented Honeywell’s new driver-focused, end-to-end in-cab and mobile communications solution that is designed to enhance customer care and driver satisfaction. The powerful logistics software running on Honeywell’s Dolphin CT50 mobile computer allows drivers to easily navigate through their workday, communicate with dispatchers and update shipment status in real time. Drivers can also scan labels and take pictures of shipments when necessary, all on an app-driven device, as easy-to-use and familiar as the most popular consumer smartphones.

The new logistics solution, running on Android OS, helps Holland drivers make the most out of their time behind the wheel by providing information such as drive time, time at stops, break time, and time spent with customers. The Dolphin CT50 is built for the rugged, on the road conditions of the driver’s world and features broadband connectivity that can connect to 4G wireless, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

This investment in the new Honeywell technology has allowed us to proactively address hurdles facing the industry,” said the President of Holland, Scott Ware. “Customers will benefit from heightened shipment visibility and driver communication. Best-in-class efficiency based on real-time data will support the old-fashioned quality and hard work customers already expect from Holland drivers.”

In addition to the device’s consumer tech-like features, the Honeywell Pickup and Delivery Solution integrates a mobile app for drivers that ties directly into Holland’s dispatch system. The system gives dispatchers real-time visibility into driver and shipment status, allowing them to offer assistance if necessary. It also helps maximize driver efficiency by intuitively guiding them through the pickup and delivery process, while providing immediate access to information to help them better accommodate customer requests.

“We are set to attract a new generation of young drivers with best-in-class technology that will assist in onboarding and understanding,” said Ware.

Unlike traditional systems that are tethered to a truck, the new Honeywell solution supports the driver both outside and inside the cab.

“With this software guiding drivers through each step of the pickup and delivery process, we’re helping Holland reduce the time needed to onboard new drivers and also enhance communications with their geographically dispersed teams,” says John Waldron, president and CEO, Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions. “Ultimately, Holland is gaining better operational information, which will lead to a more satisfactory delivery experience to their customers.”

With these new technology advancements, Honeywell is helping Holland’s drivers enhance their job performance.


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