Omron Automation reaffirms its position as enablers of Smart, Scalable & Sustainable Manufacturing

Omron Automation reaffirms its position as enablers of Smart, Scalable & Sustainable Manufacturing

Demonstrates its vision of harmony between people and machine with FORPHEUS- the Table Tennis Robot at Elecrama-2016

Reaffirming its contribution towards manufacturing sector, Omron Automation, the world leader in factory and industrial automation, shared its focus areas towards enabling smart, scalable and sustainable industries today. The company imparted this information as a part of its participation in the renowned exhibition Elecrama-2016 going on at BIEC, Bengaluru.

Describing Omron Automation as ‘Enablers of Make in India’, Mr. Sameer Gandhi, MD, Omron Automation India said, “Our efforts to position Omron as an ‘automation partner providing end-to-end solutions’ have been yielding significant results owing to which we have been able to strengthen our share in many segments such as Packaging, Textile, Automotive, FMCG, Material handling, Pharmaceuticals to name just a few. Moving ahead, we aim to progress in the Digital segment too.”

“Omron’s extensive range of sensing & control technology based solutions-more than 30,000 variants-  spread across  Industrial components, Automation Systems, Sensing & Safety, Motion & Drives, Robots and Software have been helping manufacturers in the form of efficiency, productivity, flexibility, accuracy and  safety as they scale up the value chain. We have recently introduced the futuristic concept of IoT (Internet of Things) to expand their horizon and help them develop smarter machines based on the concept of ‘i 3’- ‘Integrated, Intelligent and Interactive’” he added.

Mr. Gandhi’s words were well substantiated at the Omron booth put up at Elecrama. Themed “Pure Possibility”, the booth depicted Omron’s forte in automation industry by providing solutions which not only detects, comprehends, and act on information as humans do, but are also able to intelligently adapt to their environments and to the needs of humans.

One of the most notable displays at the booth is FORPHEUS- the Ping Pong Robot created by Omron. Adding one more dimension to the theme of Pure Possibility, the robot is a practical manifestation of the concept of “harmony between humans and machines”.  Designed on Omron’s core technology of “Sensing & Control + Think”, the world-renowned robot plays ping-pong not only with greater accuracy but also returns the ball to allow its partner a longer rally – that is setting in place a harmony and not competition.

Talking about the future prospects Mr. Takehito Maeda, MD, OMRON Asia Pacific, Pte Ltd., Industrial Automation Business, said, “India is occupying a much more prominent position in the global manufacturing setup. The rising levels of disposable incomes, urbanization, rural demand, and financial inclusion are some of the other key factors expected to have a positive effect on the manufacturing sector in the country.  And as manufacturing grows in India, so will the demand for factory automation which creates and opportunity for us playing a much bigger role in the lives of people of India, making it an important growth region for Omron in Asia Pacific.”

The visitors once inside the booth get to orient themselves with all the key offerings of Omron Industrial Automation business such as live demos showing the real time applications in varied fields, robots depicting the solutions for better efficiency, total automation as the one stop solution provider and IoT depicting that Omron solutions are future ready and are aligned with the emerging concept of Industry 4.0.

Not only industrial automation, the booth is an interface to other key offerings of OMRON business verticals in India also, namely, Electronic & Mechanical Components, Automotive Electronic Components, and Healthcare.

The Electronic & Mechanical components display depict Omron as a value creating partner for designing equipment in varied industries such as automotive, building automation, home appliances, medical and power industry through a niche display of relays, switches, illumination technology. The Automotive Electronics section emphasize on Omron’s contribution in designing safer and reliable cars. The Omron Healthcare zone attracted many visitors keen to check their blood pressure by using Omron digital BP Monitors and getting acquainted with other home health monitoring devices manufactured by Omron.

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