HELITANG T490 milling inserts with serrated cutting edges

HELITANG T490 milling inserts with serrated cutting edges

Following the success of serrated cutting edge insert geometries for high-efficiency rough milling, ISCAR is applying this approach to HELITANG T490 indexable cutters by introducing a new milling insert: T490 LNMT 1306PNTR-FW.

The new insert was designed for the standard pocket of T490-13 tools.

The serrated wavy cutting edges of the insert provide the following advantages:

  • Split (crush) chips into small segments
  • Reduce cutting force and thus power consumption
  • Increase cutter stability
  • Improve chip evacuation
  • Substantially improve performance of extended flute cutters

Due to the above-mentioned features, cutters carrying the new insert provide extra efficiency in rough milling, especially in the following cases:

  • Operational stiffness is low (high overhang, poor workholding, thin-walled workpiece, etc.)
  • Machine power is limited
  • Chip evacuation is difficult in narrow slots or deep cavities

T490 LNMT 1306PNTR-FW Insert for T490-13 Milling Cutters
The double-sided tangentially clamped insert with 4 cutting edges is intended for mounting on
extended flute cutters and also on face and endmills.

In order to provide an overlapping effect and achieve optimal chip crushing, it is recommended to mount the inserts in alternating edge configuration on adjacent flute cutters

Main application: machining deep square shoulders and edging using extended flute
milling cutters.

The new insert is produced from ISCAR SUMO TEC carbide grade IC830. The combination of
the grade with the serrated geometry of the insert cutting edge ensures effective milling on steel, martensitic and ferritic stainless steel (ISO P class materials) as a main field of application and also austenitic, duplex and PH stainless steel (ISO M class materials) and high temperature alloys (ISO S class materials).