Mobil SHC 634 Helps Apollo Tyres Increase Gearbox Efficiency by 2.6%

Mobil SHC 634 Helps Apollo Tyres Increase Gearbox Efficiency by 2.6%

In today’s globally competitive business landscape, manufacturers feel constantly challenged to get the most out of their equipment. Even incremental increases in machine productivity can alter a profit/loss scenario – often the primary, if not the only consideration in many businesses. Also, in a world increasingly conditioned by a heightened awareness of environmental impact, concerns with the latter demand focus on sustainable business practices and energy efficient systems. In response, industrial and mobile equipment hydraulic systems have become smaller and lighter, and utilize higher pressures to achieve maximum system efficiency.

For instance, while gear lubrication has been commonly considered elementary, it is in fact, a dynamic process requiring sophisticated technology interventions. The differentials that house the gears are out of sight, and therefore, out of mind – a neglected process. But differentials are just as important to the operation of a vehicle as the engine is. An engine without a functioning differential will not move the vehicle. This is why advanced hydraulic fluids are now available, contributing to the overall hydraulic system and energy efficiency.

Apollo Tyres has been in the business of manufacture and sale of tyres since its inception in 1972. The company has a manufacturing presence in Asia, Europe and Africa, with nine modern tyre facilities and exports to over 118 countries. The company offers a comprehensive product portfolio spread across passenger car, light truck, truck-bus, off highway and bicycle tyres, retreading material and retreaded tyres. The company firmly believes that to truly move up the value chain, it is critical to use fewer natural resources while optimizing its manufacturing output. For a growing organization with a long-term focus and commitment, it is critical to safeguard resources for the future even as it creates value today. This is why Apollo is committed to the cautious and careful use of natural resources.

In 2012, Apollo Tyres experienced the benefits of using Mobil premium mineral lubricants in one of their Feed Mill Gearboxes which resulted in a steep drop in temperature, seal life enhancement and significant overall lubrication cost reduction. Thus, Apollo Tyres was satisfied with the services provided by ExxonMobil. But then, Mobil Industrial Lubricants had much more in store for its treasured customer. Keeping “Sustainability in Motion” and as a result of ExxonMobil’s technical approach to Apollo Tyres, they wanted to experience energy conservation by using Mobil synthetic lubricants in their critical applications.

Cracker Mill Gearbox(202) was chosen to demonstrate “Energy Efficiency” by using Mobil SHC 600 Series, a fully synthetic gear lubricant offering following key benefits;

  • Increased reliability of the equipment with less wear of internal components
  • Reduced “Total Cost of Ownership”
  • Increased “Energy Efficiency”, all leading to “Advancing Productivity” of Apollo Tyres Ltd.

ExxonMobil Engineers recommended Apollo Tyres to replace the cracker mill gearbox with Mobil SHC 634 a fully synthetic gear lubricant with energy efficient benefits to customers and provided series of technical services such as thermal imaging of the gearbox and incorporate power logger to measure energy consumption during operation. The gearbox was registered under SIGNUM program to monitor condition of the equipment and Mobil SHC 634.

To achieve above stated objectives, the Cracker Mill gearbox was first charged with fresh competitor ISO VG 460 Gear oil (Conventional) and run for approximately 40 days with energy meter installed from Apollo Tyres Electrical division. The gearbox was flushed and then replaced with Mobil SHC 634 and run for another 40 days with same measurement device and energy readings were compared. During the process the gearbox output as a parameter of production was also measured to ascertain the actual load on the gearbox. The treading process started with Cracker Mill and completed after extruder through a Feed Mill. The production output was measured as number of treads produced per shift (8 hrs duty) after extruder. Only the cracker mill gearbox was charged with Mobil SHC 634 to evaluate energy efficiency.

A 5oC drop in average temperature of gearbox was observed after changeover to Mobil SHC 634

With changeover to Mobil SHC 634 alongside SIGNUM Oil Analysis, Apollo Tyres were able to experience an overall 2.6% energy savings calculated through energy meter readings. This was also substantiated by a temperature drop of 5oC through thermal imaging.


  • By changing over to Mobil SHC 634, Apollo Tyres Perambara site achieved following key benefits,
  • Extended Oil life and reduction in equipment wear
  • Increased reliability of the equipment with reduced overall lubrication cost
  • Reduced power consumption by 2.6 % (through Energy meter) and 3.7 % (through Temperature profile measurement)
  • Energy savings calculated using energy meter is recorded below,
    –   Motor rating with 80% efficiency, 200 kW
    –  Energy saved per year in units 200 x 0.026 x 8000 = 41600 units
    –  At an average of Rs 5/- as unit cost of energy, annual savings of INR 2,08,000(USD 3,525.42) is recorded

In conclusion, superior product performance of Mobil SHC 634 supported by Signum Oil Analysis based on recommendation by Mobil engineers helped the customer improve energy efficiency of 2.6% in their gearboxes.

Shankar Karnik, Asia Pacific Mobil SHC Brand Manager & Energy Advisor, ExxonMobil Lubricants Private Limited


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