Volvo Buses announces global export plans; India made bus for Europe to be unveiled this year

Volvo Buses announces global export plans; India made bus for Europe to be unveiled this year

First bus company from India to cater to European market; Aligns with central government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative With the objective to leverage its manufacturing presence in Asia, Volvo Buses recently announced its plans to use India as an export hub for developed markets like Europe. A key milestone of this initiative is that the first bus made in the Indian facility will be unveiled later this year in Europe.

Volvo is among the leading players in the global bus market. The company’s Asia Leverage strategy aims to utilise its manufacturing presence in India and China to cater to demands also from other global markets. At present, intercity coaches and city buses from the Indian facility are being exported to countries in the South Asia region and to South Africa.

Håkan Agnevall, President, Volvo Buses said, “At Volvo Buses, we are constantly looking at providing maximum value and high quality to our customers across all markets. This was a driving thought in starting the Asia Leverage programme; to utilise the efficient engineering and manufacturing expertise in India to meet the demands of other global markets. The commencement of exports to Europe from India is a proof point of these capabilities. We are confident that going forward we will leverage the skills and strengths in India to meet the European market requirements.”

The other aspect of the Asia Leverage programme is to ensure that by catering to exports, the India facility will be able to face the cyclical domestic market demands. The company will gradually scale up exports from India to cater to more and more markets in the future.

Akash Passey, Senior Vice President – Business Region International, Volvo Buses said, “Over the years, we have built, nurtured and advanced local competence in critical areas such as product development, manufacturing techniques and engineering skills with the view to address demands of export markets. Export to Europe confirms the expertise we have developed in our Indian facility. We are actively exploring opportunities to supply to new markets and in the long term we aim to enhance the role of India in our export plans.”

‘Make in India’ for Global Markets
In the past about 15 years, India has established its competence as an export hub for various passenger vehicle manufacturers. Products are exported to many global markets, including Europe.

Volvo Buses’ plans coincide with the Government of India’s efforts to promote manufacturing through the ‘Make in India’ initiative. This is a welcome step that will encourage companies to use local competence and expertise to cater to both domestic and export markets.

Volvo Buses’ India strength
Volvo Buses has been present in India since 2001 – 14 years of improving Quality of Life of travelling public across the country. The manufacturing facility follows Volvo’s global production systems and processes to deliver products of highest quality. The Volvo Bus Production Systems are applied in India, like in all other Volvo manufacturing sites across the world. It involves People, Method, Management and Material – key to more efficient working, enhanced quality and safer work environment.

The India facility is a complete bus manufacturing unit, which includes chassis in-house; full-fledged proto shop for development of new products and technologies; and Skill Development Centre to impart training to personnel.



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