New large diameter drilling solution from TaeguTec

New large diameter drilling solution from TaeguTec

TaeguTec is combining the power of two of its popular drills into one package called Twin Rush. The TwinRush takes away the worries associated with machining large diameter holes by assuring that the new addition to the TaeguTec drilling line offers excellent performance and high productivity.

On first glance, the noticeable feature of the TwinRush joins together a centering insert with a pair of precise square inserts on either side in order to combine two different drill types onto one drill body.

In order to protect the TwinRush from premature wear or damage and extend the drill’s life, which saves on tool cost and downtime, TaeguTec shields it with the remarkable TT9080 PVD multi-layered coated grade.

The centering insert is TaeguTec’s revolutionary and highly popular DrillRush indexable head – a tool that continuously enables precision self-centered machining for achieving hole concentricity.

Both outer inserts are the specially designed economical 4-corner SPGX type and are equipped with a wiper ground area for improved surface roughness. When compared to conventional inner/outer indexable type drills, the SPGX type inserts’ symmetrical alignment offers double the productivity.

Further benefits include an internal through hole coolant system, a hardened body for rigidity, smooth surface and wear resistance due to the drill’s post–treatment process.

TaeguTec’s TwinRush comes in a diameter range from 26 millimeters to 45 mm and 5xD drilling depth of cut and is available as standard items.

When it comes to drilling deep holes and/or large hole diameter machining, the TwinRush’s improved body rigidity, excellent chip control, precise 4-corner insert with wiper, double effective design and ability to drill directly without a pilot hole makes this the go-to tool when quality of the manufactured part, cost reduction and productivity are the main focus.